Donovan Jones – Vocals / Lyrics

Born “dahn safh” but raised “up noorth” Donovan some how managed to avoid picking up the local Yorkshire accent. But with Welsh blood in his veins he was always destined to sing. Membership of school, church and Huddersfield Choral Society Youth Choirs meant technique was not going to be that of a conventional rock or pop singer.

Popular musical influences stemmed from the benefit of parents with good taste and a love of Radio 1 (always on at breakfast and weekends). Teenage cash was often spent on new vinyl (cycling home with a Woolies carrier flapping behind).

During three years at Leeds College of Music focused on Music Technology, it was in another classical music ensemble that introduced Donovan to all round musicalologist Oliver Whawell. A prolific songwriting partnership developed and along with the close friendship, has endured for two decades.

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